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About OHO Certification Center

From OHO - search engine for sustainable open hardware projects

Certification Overview

In the area of Assessment on OHO, designers and developers of Open Source Hardware (OSH) or Do it Yourself (DIY) can have their projects assessed and receive a certificate after a positive examination. If required OHO supports the designers in completing the technical documentation. For example, many projects have no technical drawings or current CAD files. Also, here OHO offers a CAD service. Overview is discussed further in this document



OHO was developed entirely based on MediaWiki, the standard software for Wikipedia and many other wikis. Advantages of this software are: - MediaWiki is a collaborative software, which allows many people to work on the content at the same time - MediaWiki has a discussion page for each page, which makes it possible to document clarifications and discussions - MediaWiki has a version history for each page, which means that plan changes can be tracked, by whom and when they were made No other software offers these advantages, and no other software is successfully used in projects with high user and visitor numbers. This is why we have chosen MediaWiki.

During the creation of OHO, many forms were used, some of them using existing MediaWiki extensions, some of them were developed by ourselves. MediaWiki is not inherently optimized for the use of forms. For this reason, it can happen that sometimes some pages have longer loading times than expected from websites nowadays.

Attest Project

DIN Spec 3105


  • DIN Spec 3105-1 (here)
  • DIN Spec 3105-2 (here)

Assessment Platform

  1. Help (here)
  2. Technical Documentation (here)

Announcement of the Projects


An important goal of OHO's work is to support good projects in technical documentation and especially in publicity. Many interesting projects are located on relatively unknown websites and are difficult to find on the web and usually only in one language. Through cooperation with various organizations, OHO increases the level of awareness and findability of the projects on the web.

For this purpose, a PDF file is created for each project, which contains all relevant information of the project:

  1. Title page with project name, release number, 3D view, photo(s), and name of developer, date etc.
  2. Parts list
  3. All technical drawings in the order of the parts list
  4. Electrical circuit diagrams
  5. Electronic circuit diagrams
  6. Pneumatic circuit diagrams
  7. Hydraulic circuit diagrams
  8. Piping diagrams
  9. Assembly instructions, other technical information

Other Portals for Construction Plans and CAD Models (here)

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