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What is DIN SPEC 3105

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DIN SPEC 3105 is the only official standard in the open-source area. There are a lot of free/open standards in the IT segment (internet protocols etc.). In the hardware sector, we are only aware of the generally recognized OSHWA definition cited above (which, however, does not set an actual standard) and the Open-Know-How metadata standard. We cooperate closely with both initiatives.

DIN SPEC 3105-1 describes an unambiguous and workable definition of OSH and breaks it down into objective criteria for assessing the compliance of a piece of hardware with this definition. The document sets requirements for technical documentation. It is designed as a supplement to existing standards for technical documentation (e.g. VDI 4500) and is not intended to replace them. It focuses on those aspects of technical documentation that relate to compliance with the principles of open source.

The document builds on the OSHWA Definition 1.0 and the Open Source Definition. The standard is kept strictly compatible with the OSHWA definition and also cooperates with other such standardization projects as the Open Know-How Initiative, which developed the first metadata standard for open source hardware.

The standard consists of two parts:

DIN SPEC 3105-1

DIN SPEC 3105-1 defines the term "open source hardware" and provides the framework for explicit, certifiable, technology-specific requirements for technical documentation.

DIN SPEC 3105-2

The principles and definitions of DIN SPEC 3105-1 form the framework for DIN SPEC 3105-2, which in turn sets out concrete and practical requirements for the establishment of certification procedures. DIN SPEC 3105-2 establishes a community-based certification process that builds on the scientific peer-review process. This is intended to create a reliable, transparent certificate and simultaneously exclude concentration of power and corruption as far as possible

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