DIN Spec 3105

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Aspects of the DIN 3105 Standard

In general terms, DIN 3105 provides very generic requirements for the contents of the documentation, which give flexibility to develop and define a product as Open Hardware Moreover, it is the first standard that has been adopted by a standardization body, such as DIN (German Institute for Standardisation). This adoption has been through an open-source license, which means that the standard can be accessed, copied and distributed free of charge and, after a registration process, subsequent versions of this standard can be developed in open processes in an innovative and democratic way.

This standard is structured in two parts:

DIN Spec 3105-1 - Requirements for the technical documentation

  • Provides an explicit and workable definition of the definition of Open Hardware.
  • Sets out the requirements that the documentation of a piece of hardware must meet in order to be legitimately classified as Open Source Hardware.
  • Defines the minimum set of information that developers must share so that "anyone can study, modify, distribute, manufacture and sell" their hardware, as required by the OSHWA definition.

DIN Spec 3105-2 - Community based certification

  • Defines an innovative community-based certification procedure that offers a middle way between self-certification and third-party certification.
  • Certifications are not granted by a central body, but by the community itself Open Hardware.


Both parts of DIN 3105 can be found in the following links:

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