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Privacy Policy of OHO e.V.

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OHO e.V. is a non-profit organization that runs collaborative websites for the collection of free knowledge.

This policy explains how we collect, use and share your personal information.

We collect very little personal information about you.

We do not rent or sell your information to third parties.

By using the OHO Sites, you agree to this policy.

The OHO movement is based on a simple but effective principle: together, we can create more than an individual. However, in order for us to work together, it is necessary to collect, share, and analyze data about our users. This is the only way we can explore how to make OHO sites even more user-friendly, secure, and beneficial.

We believe that the collection and use of information should go hand in hand with transparency. This Privacy Policy explains how OHO e.V., which is the non-profit organization that operates the OHO Sites, collects, uses and discloses information that we obtain from you through your use of the OHO Sites. In doing so, you must understand that by using the OHO Sites, you consent to the collection, transfer, processing, storage, disclosure and use of your information as described in the Privacy Policy. Therefore, it is important to read this policy carefully.

We believe that you should not be required to provide non-public personal information in order to participate in the free exchange of knowledge. You do not have to provide data such as your real name, address, or date of birth to create a standard account or contribute content to the OHO Sites.

We don't sell or rent your personal information, and we don't share it with third parties who want to sell you something. We use it to figure out how to make the OHO pages more interesting and accessible, to see what ideas are working, and to make learning and contributing more fun. In short, we use this data to make the OHO pages better for you.

After all, it is people like you, advocates of free knowledge, who not only make it possible for the OHO pages to exist, but also for them to grow and evolve.


Because everyone (not just lawyers) should be able to easily understand how and why their data is collected and used, we use simple language instead of formal terms in these regulations. Here is a list of translations of some key words to help you understand:

When we ...

... say, we mean:

"OHO e.V." / "OHO" / "we" / "us" / "our/s"

OHO e.V., Inc, the non-profit organization that operates the OHO sites.

"OHO pages" / "our services".

OHO Sites and Services (of any language), as well as mobile applications, application programming interfaces, emails, and notifications, but excluding the Sites and Services listed in the "What This Privacy Policy Does Not Cover" section below.

"you/you/you" / "your/your" / "me/me"

You, whether you are an individual, group or organization and whether you are using the OHO Sites or our Services on your own behalf or on behalf of another.

"this policy" / "this privacy policy".

This document entitled "Privacy Policy of the OHO e.V.".


Content you add to OHO pages or changes you make to OHO pages.

"personal data"

Data that you provide to us or data that we collect from you in the course of your use of OHO Sites that could be used to identify you personally. For clarity, although we do not necessarily collect all of the following types of data, at a minimum, we consider the following types of data to be personal information and may be used to identify you:

(a) name, address, telephone number, email address, username, password, state ID number, IP addresses, User Agent information, and credit card number; and;

(b) in relation to an identifiable individual, sensitive data such as date of birth, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or ancestry, marital status, genetic and biometric data, diseases or disabilities, political affiliation and religion.

"Third" / "Third Party

OHO users and independent organizations or groups that support the OHO movement.

What this privacy policy covers and what it does not cover

Except as set forth below, this Privacy Policy applies to our collection and handling of information about you that we obtain through your use of the OHO Sites. This policy also applies to information we receive from our partners or third parties. Examples of what this Privacy Policy covers. Below are more details about the scope of this Privacy Policy.

Examples of what is covered by this Privacy Policy include

However, this Privacy Policy does not cover some situations in which we may collect or process data. For example, some of these situations may be covered by separate privacy policies or by sites or services operated by third parties. Below are details of the scope of this Privacy Policy.

Details of what is not covered by this privacy policy

Where data are covered by Community directives, that Community may impose additional rules and obligations beyond those in this Directive. However, this shall not create new exceptions or reduce the protection provided by this Directive.

Gather & use information

Types of data we receive from you and how we get it

Your public contributions

Everything you put on an OHO page can be viewed and used by anyone.

When you make a contribution to OHO pages, including to user or discussion pages, you create a permanent, public record of every single piece of content you add, remove, or modify. As the page progresses, your contribution or deletion will be displayed, as well as your username (if you are logged in) or IP address (if you are not logged in). We may use your public posts either in conjunction with others' public posts or individually to create new features or data-related products for you or to learn more about how the OHO Sites are used.

Publicly visible information

Account information & registration

You do not need to create a user account to use an OHO page.

When you create a user account, you do not need to provide your name or email address.

If you do not create an account, your posts will be publicly attributed to your IP address. </a>

You want to create an account? Great! Don't want to create an account? No problem!

You do not need to create an account to read or contribute to an OHO page. However, if you make contributions without logging in, your contribution will be publicly assigned to your device's IP address.

If you want to set up a standard account, in most cases you will only need to specify a username and password for it.

More about usernames

In order to better understand the demographics of our users, localize our services, we may ask you for additional demographic information, such as your gender or age. We will tell you whether such information is intended for public or private purposes so that you can make an informed decision about whether to provide it to us. Providing such data is always completely optional. If you don't want to, you don't have to - it's that simple.

Location information

GPS and other location technologies

Some features we offer work better if we know what area you are in.

If you consent, we may use GPS (and other technologies commonly used to determine location) to display more relevant content to you. We keep information obtained through these technologies confidential, except as otherwise provided in this Policy.


Sometimes we may automatically receive location data from your device. Please be aware that, unlike the location information collected under the use of GPS signals described above, the default settings on your mobile device usually provide for metadata when you upload a photo or video to the OHO Sites. If you do not want metadata sent to us and published when uploading, please change the settings on your device.

IP addresses

When you visit one of the OHO pages, we automatically receive the IP address of the Internet access device (or proxy server) used. This could be used to obtain information about your geographical location.

Information in connection with your use of the OHO Sites

We use common techniques to obtain information about how you use OHO Sites.

Like other websites, we automatically receive some information when you visit OHO pages.

We also use a number of common techniques, such as cookies, to better understand how you use the OHO Sites, to make our offerings safer and easier to use, and to work to make your experience customizable.

We want to make the OHO pages better for you by learning more about how you use them. Examples include how often you visit the OHO Sites, what you like, what you find helpful, how you get to the OHO Sites, and whether you would use a helpful feature more often if we explained it differently. We also want these terms and our practices to reflect the values of our community. Therefore, we keep information about your use of the OHO Sites confidential, except as provided in these Terms.

Data we receive automatically

Because of the way browsers work, when you visit OHO Sites, we receive some data automatically. This data includes the type of device you are using (possibly including unique device identification numbers for some beta versions of your mobile applications), the type and version of your browser, the language settings of your browser, the type and version of your device's operating system and, in some cases, the name of your Internet or mobile service provider, the website that directed you to the OHO Sites, which pages you request and visit, and the date and time of each request you make to the OHO Sites.

Simply put, we use this data to improve your experience with OHO Sites. For example, we use this data to manage the Sites, provide enhanced security, and combat vandalism; to optimize mobile applications, customize content, and set language preferences; to test features and see what works and improve performance; to understand how users interact with the OHO Sites; to track and study usage of various features; to gain an understanding of the demographics of the various OHO Sites; and to analyze trends.

Data collected by us

We use a number of common techniques, such as cookies, to better understand how you use the OHO Sites, to make our offerings safer and easier to use, and to work toward making your experience customizable.

We actively collect some types of data using a number of commonly used technologies. These generally include tracking pixels, Javascript, and various "locally stored data" technologies, for example, cookies and local storage. We are aware that some of these technologies may not have a good reputation and may be used for shady purposes. Therefore, we want to be as clear as possible about why we use these methods and what kind of information we collect this way.

Depending on the technology we use, locally stored data may include anything from text, images, and entire articles (as discussed below) to personally identifiable information (such as your IP address) and data about your use of the OHO Sites (such as your username or the time of your visit).

We use this data to make your experience with the OHO Sites safer and better, to better understand our users' preferences and how users interact with the OHO Sites, and to generally improve our services. We never use third-party cookies unless we receive your permission. If you notice a third-party data collection tool that you have not authorized (for example, one that was inadvertently placed by another user or administrator), please report it to us at

More about locally stored data

We believe that this data collection helps us improve your user experience. However, depending on your browser, you can remove or disable some or all of the locally stored data through your browser settings. Locally stored data may not be essential to our sites, but some features may not function properly if you refuse to store data locally.

While the above examples of data collected about you using data collection tools are confidential under these Terms, please note that some information about the actions performed under your username may be made publicly available through public logs along with the actions of other users. For example, a public log may display the date your account was created on an OHO Site along with the dates other accounts were created on an OHO Site.

How we use information we receive from you

We and our service providers use your information for the legitimate purpose of carrying out our nonprofit mission, including:

Operating the OHO Websites, providing your contributions, and administering our services,

The provision of customized services

Sending emails with new updates, surveys and communications about articles we think may be of interest to you.

Send optional surveys and calls for feedback.

Improve OHO websites and provide a user experience that is safer and better.

Other reasons

Location information

GPS and other localization technologies

As explained above, we can use common localization technologies to show you more relevant content. For example, our mobile apps may identify articles from the OHO Sites about places of interest near you. We remind you that you can disable our access to these localization technologies at any time, but you can still use our OHO Sites.


As explained above, we sometimes automatically receive location data from your device. If you do not want metadata to be sent to us and made public at the time of your upload, please change the settings on your device.

IP addresses

When you visit an OHO website, we automatically obtain the IP address of your device (or proxy server) that you use to access the Internet, which can be used to determine your geographic location. We keep IP addresses confidential except as provided in this Policy. If you access OHO Websites from your mobile device, we may use your IP address to provide service providers with anonymized or aggregated data about usage volumes in certain areas.

We use this location information to make your experience on the OHO Sites safer and better, to gain a better understanding of user preferences and their interaction with the OHO Sites, and generally to improve our services. For example, we use this data to provide greater security, optimize mobile applications, and learn how to expand or better support OHO communities. We also use personal information in the ways described in the sections of this policy titled "For Legal Reasons" and "Protecting You, Us, and Others."


When may we share your data?

With your permission

With your consent, we may share your information for a specific purpose.

For legal reasons

We will disclose your information pursuant to an official legal process if we believe it is valid. We will notify you of such requests as soon as practicable.

We will access, use, preserve or disclose your personal information if we have reason to believe that doing so is necessary to comply with or satisfy any court order, subpoena, court order, statute, regulation or other judicial decree or administrative action. If we believe that a particular request for disclosure of a user's information is unlawful or an abuse of the law, and the affected user does not intend to oppose the disclosure itself, we will make every effort not to comply with the request. We are committed to notifying you by email, where possible, at least ten (10) calendar days before we disclose your personal information in response to a lawful request. However, we may only notify you if we are not legally prohibited from contacting you, there is no credible risk to life or limb that would be caused or increased by disclosure of the request in question, and you have left us an email address.

Nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit any rights of opposition or defense that you may have with respect to requests for disclosure of your information by third parties (whether civil, criminal or governmental in nature). We recommend that you seek legal advice immediately if you are subject to such a request.

If the organization is transferred (Very unlikely!)

In the unlikely event that the ownership of all or substantially all of OHO e.V. changes, or we undergo a reorganization (e.g., merger, consolidation, or acquisition), we will continue to keep your personal information confidential, and will provide you with at least thirty (30) days' notice before personal information is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy through the OHO Websites and or similar mailing list.

To protect you, us and others

We or users with certain administrative rights may disclose information reasonably necessary to:

  • Prosecute or investigate potential violations of OHO e.V. or community policies,

  • Protect our organization, infrastructure,employees, contractors or the public; or

  • prevent imminent or serious injury or death to any person.

We or individual users with certain administrative rights - as described below - may need to share your personal information if demonstrably necessary to pursue or investigate potential violations of our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy, or any OHO e.V. or user community policy. We may also need to access and share data in order to investigate and defend against threatened legal action or proceedings.

OHO sites are a collaborative effort, with users writing the bulk of the policies and selecting from among themselves those who are given certain administrative rights. These rights may include access to a limited amount of otherwise non-public data about new posts and the activity of other users. They use these access rights to prevent vandalism and abuse, to combat harassment of other users, and they generally seek to minimize disruptive behavior on the OHO Sites. These various user-selected administrative groups have their own privacy and confidentiality policies. These user-selected administrative groups are accountable to other users through checks and balances: users are selected through a community-driven process and overseen by peers through a history log of their actions. However, the legal names of these users are not known to OHO e.V..

We hope this will never happen, but we may disclose your personal information if we believe it is reasonably necessary to prevent imminent or serious injury or death to any person, or to protect our organization, employees, contractors, users or the public. We may also disclose your personal information if we reasonably believe it is necessary to detect, prevent, or otherwise evaluate or respond to potential spam, malware, fraud, abuse, unlawful acts, and security or technical breaches.

To our service providers

We may disclose Personal Information to our third-party service providers or contractors who assist us in operating or improving the OHO Sites and provide services in support of our mission.

No matter how hard we try, we can't do it alone. Therefore, we sometimes use third-party service providers or contractors to assist us in operating and improving the OHO Websites for you and other users. We give these service providers or contractors access to your personal information to the extent they need it to perform their activities for us or to use their tools and services. For example, we impose requirements on confidentiality agreements to ensure that these service providers treat your personal information in accordance with the Policy and with no less protection than is provided by the principles in this Policy.

When you access OHO Websites from your mobile device, we use your IP address to provide service providers with anonymized or aggregated data about usage volumes in certain areas.

To understand and experiment

  • We grant volunteer developers and researchers access to our systems that contain your information to enable them to protect, develop, and contribute to the OHO Sites.

  • We also share non-personally identifiable information or aggregate information with third parties who wish to study the

OHO Websites.

  • When we disclose information to third parties for these purposes, we take appropriate technical and contractual safeguards to

protect your information in accordance with this policy.

The open source software that underlies the OHO Sites depends on the contributions of volunteer software developers who spend time writing and testing code so that they can help improve and evolve the Sites according to the needs of users. To facilitate their work, we grant some developers limited access to systems that contain your personal information, but only to the extent reasonably necessary to enable them to develop and contribute to the OHO Sites.

Similarly, we share non-personally identifiable information or aggregate data with researchers, academics, and other interested third parties who wish to study the OHO Sites. Sharing this data helps them understand usage, viewing, and demographic statistics and patterns. They can then share their findings with us and our users so that we can all better understand and improve the OHO Sites.

When we provide access to personal information to outside developers or researchers, we do so subject to conditions, such as appropriate technical and contractual safeguards, to provide an enhanced level of assurance that your information will be handled by these service providers in accordance with the principles of this Policy and our instructions. If these developers or researchers go on to publish their work or findings, we require that they not disclose your personal data in the process. Please note that despite the obligations we impose on developers and researchers, we cannot guarantee that they will abide by our agreement, nor can we guarantee that we will regularly investigate or review their projects.

Because you have published them

Information you post is public and can be viewed by anyone.

Any information you post publicly on the OHO Sites is just that - public. For example, if you post your email address on your talk page, it is public and not protected by this policy. And if you make an edit without registering or logging in through your account, your IP address is publicly viewable. Please think carefully about the level of anonymity you want before disclosing personal information on your user page or elsewhere.


How do we protect your data?

We use a variety of physical and technical measures, policies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

We strive to protect your information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. We employ a variety of physical and technical measures, policies and procedures (including, but not limited to, access control procedures, network firewalls and physical security) designed to protect our systems and your personal information. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as completely secure data transmission or storage, so we cannot guarantee that our security will not be breached (by technical measures or by a breach of our policies and procedures).

We will never ask you for your password by email (we may, however, email you a temporary password if you have requested a password reset). If you ever receive an email asking for your password, please forward that email to us at so that we can determine the origin of the email.

How long do we keep your data?

Except as otherwise stated in this Policy, we will retain your personal information only for as long as necessary to operate, evaluate, and improve the OHO Websites or to comply with German law.

After we receive personal information from you, we retain it for the shortest possible period of time that allows us to maintain, evaluate, and improve the OHO Websites and to comply with our obligations under applicable U.S. law. Non-personally identifiable information may be retained without time limitation.

Please note that certain data, such as your IP address (if you make an edit without being logged in) and all public contributions to OHO websites, are generally archived and displayed without time limit; transparency of contributions to projects and revision histories is essential to their effectiveness and credibility.

Important information

If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you may not use the OHO Websites for the protection of the OHO Foundation and other users.

Where is the foundation located and what does this mean for me?

OHO e.V. is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany, with servers and data centers in Germany. If you choose to use OHO Websites, whether inside or outside of Germany, you understand that your personal information will be collected, transferred, stored, processed, disclosed, and otherwise used in the Germany as described in this Privacy Policy. You also understand that in connection with providing the Services to you, your information may be transferred by us from Germany to other countries that may have different or less stringent data protection laws than your country.

Our response to Do-Not-Track (DNT) signals

We do not enable tracking through third party websites that you have not visited.

We do not make your data available to third parties for advertising purposes.

We are committed to not sharing non-public data and personal data with third parties. In particular, we do not allow tracking by third party websites that you have not visited (including data analytics services, advertising networks, and social platforms), nor do we share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes. According to this policy, we may share your data only in certain situations.

Since we protect all users equally, we do not change our approach in the presence of a do-not-track signal from the web browser.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Significant changes to this policy will occur only after a minimum 30-day public comment period.

Because things naturally change over time and we want to ensure that our privacy policy accurately reflects our practices and applicable law, it may be necessary to modify this policy from time to time.

We encourage you to review the most current version of our Privacy Policy. If you continue to use the OHO Websites after the effective date of this Privacy Policy, you will be deemed to have accepted this Policy. Your continued use of the OHO Websites after the effective date of any subsequent version of this Privacy Policy, following appropriate notices as described above, will constitute your acceptance of that version of the Policy.


If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or the information collected under this policy, please email us at Based on your jurisdiction, you may also have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority that has jurisdiction over your country or region.

Thank you very much!

We thank you for reading through our Privacy Policy. We hope you enjoy using the OHO websites, and appreciate your participation in creating, maintaining, and constantly working to improve the world's largest collection of free knowledge.

Please note that in the event of any difference in meaning or interpretation between the original German version of this Privacy Policy and any translation, the original German version shall prevail.

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