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Certification platform

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OHO has a certification process, through which it is possible to formalize the documentation of each project, this provides technical and administrative support to the quality of the work done, through the application of internationally recognized standards, such as DIN Spec 3105.

When a project is certified, it undergoes a review process and, after a positive examination, a document is issued that certifies or validates the information contained in it.


Certification request
Reviews in a project
Item marked as Approved

For the certification process to be carried out, the action of the following entities, all active users of the OHO platform, is necessary:


This is the person or organization interested in certifying their project.


It is a group of people, accredited by OHO, who are in charge of examining in detail the Project documentation, especially the Technical drawings, in order to indicate to the Applicant, which aspects must be corrected in the project.

  • They must have a certification_reviewer role on the OHO platform.
  • They must have general or specific knowledge about the project to be reviewed.
  • The number of reviewers depends on the length and complexity of the project, a minimum of three (03) is established.


Is the person or authority in OHO, in charge of activating, monitoring and controlling the certification process.

  • Must have an administrator role in the OHO platform.

Conformity assessment team (CAB)

It is a group of people, accredited by OHO, who are in charge of validating the information of the Applicant and the Reviewers, as well as issuing the certification document.

  • They must have a certification_body role on the OHO platform.
  • They must have general knowledge about the project to be reviewed.
  • The number of conformity assessors depends on the extension and complexity of the project, a minimum of one (01) is established.

Start of the process

The certification process starts with:



Many projects with great potential lack good technical documentation and even more so a document that provides international validation.

In this sense, the OHO platform offers any developer the possibility to certify or validate his project under the DIN Spec 3105 standard, bringing with it the following benefits:

  • A certified Open Hardware project can be clearly differentiated from other initiatives that do not lead to real solutions, which increases the chances of being found by the internet public.
  • Certification according to DIN Spec 3105 makes it possible to know the requirements necessary to designate a project as Open Hardware and to update its documentation.
  • The certification of more and more projects defines and clarifies a frame of reference for the Open Hardware community about the concept and trends in this type of projects, a frame of reference backed by a globally recognised authority.
  • Both the certification process and the CAD design service and technical documentation, provided by OHO, are completely free of charge.
  • A certified project has greater possibilities of networking in different groups of the Open Hardware community, which generates opportunities to scale the project and access possible sources of funding.
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