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09.06.2020 · Making a DIY Ventilator using a stepper motor. For construction of the ventilator, we need: A piece of woodA  +
This video will show how to make an  +
In this 1 Day do it yourself we take an old ATX size computer power supply and convert it into a handy, high current, DC power supply for ...  +
This video gives tips on how to make a portable Moxon  +
It's ridiculously hot in my workshop, so I built a homemade air conditioner using a cooler, box fan, water pump, and tubing.  +
Paul Elkins fell for micro-camping in 2002 when he toured the country in his cabover stealth camper". Sure he could make ..."  +
If you have 2 washtubs and a drill you can make this super simple vegetable wash tub in less than 5 minutes time Waste less ...  +
This shows you how to make a cheap ball lock counter pressure  +
I wanted an easier way to carry my surfboard two miles to the beach, so I built a trailer that tows behind my bike. This video shows ...  +
This was fun to build and has is incredibly useful for transferring materials and people to the second floor of our shop 10 ft above ...  +
A simple homemade oscilloscope that we will need later when designing our important project. This unit is fairly easy to make just ...  +
Edgers are expensive BUT in this video I will show you a clever way to cut crisp clean edges on your sidewalk or driveway with ...  +
Make your own nails and other small iron parts.<br/><br/>I am a woodworker by trade and spend my days building Japanese-style architectural elements and structures. Because of my chosen niche, I occasionally need a piece of hardware that's...  +
Everyone commenting that this can't be made for less than $30 please first read the materials section of the build tutorial ...  +
I made several $50 dog hole clamps for my CertiFlat welding table for about $4 each using Harbor Freight F-clamps and a handful ...  +
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