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OpenFlexure Microscope 3

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OpenFlexure Microscope 3

Basic Data

Category: Microscopes

URL (first publication):

Keywords: Microscope

License: CERN OHL v1.2

Project status: Active

Technical documentation

Maturity of the project: production / kit

Assembly instructions are published: Yes

Bill of materials is published: Yes


yes yes

Project management

Open-o-meter: 6

Product category: Business & Industrial



The OpenFlexure Microscope is a  3D printable microscope, including a precise mechanical stage to move the sample and focus the optics.  There are many different options for the optics, ranging from a webcam lens to a 100x, oil immersion objective. The trick of making a microscope out of a webcam has been around for a little while, and produces good results.  However, getting a nice mechanical stage to focus the microscope and move around on the sample is tricky.  This project is a 3D printable design that enables very fine (sub-micron) mechanical positioning of the sample and the lens, with surprisingly good mechanical stability.  It's discussed in various ( media articles) and a ( paper in Review of Scientific Instruments) (open access).

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