Elphel Eyesis4Pi 393 2

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elphel Eyesis4Pi 393 2

Basic Data

Category: Digital cameras

URL (first publication): https://www3.elphel.com/eyesis4pi-393

Keywords: Digital camera

License: GNU Free Documentation License

Project status: Active

Technical documentation

Maturity of the project: production / full product

CAD files are editable: Yes

Assembly instructions are published: No

Bill of materials is published: No


yes yes

Project management

Open-o-meter: 4

Product category: Cameras & Optics



Elphel Eyesis4Pi-26-393' is the newer generation of the full-sphere multi-camera systems for stereophotogrammetric applications.* The system is (http://blogs.elphel.com/2010/11/zoom-in-now-enhance/ calibrated) to compensate for optical aberrations allowing to preserve full sensor resolution over the field of view.* (http://blog.elphel.com/2011/10/subpixel-registration-and-distrortion-measurement/ Distortion calibration) is performed for precise pixel-mapping to automatically stitch images into panoramas, and also for (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photogrammetry photogrammetry) and (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_reconstruction_from_multiple_images 3D reconstruction).  * There are 24 x 5MPix sensors in the camera head, resulting in 120 MPix image acquisition. Panorama image resolution after stitching is 64 MPix, the equirectangular projection is 14000x7000.* High-precision Inertial Measurement Unit IMU (ADIS 16375, 2400 samples per second) is integrated with the camera, as well as 5Hz GPS (Locosys LS20031) to provide precise position and orientation of the camera.* Images, synchronized with IMU and GPS data, can be recorded to internal Solid State Drives (SSD), external swappable SSDs or to a PC over the network.* Optionally Eyesis4Pi-393 camera system includes PC for image downloading and post-processing with pre-installed SDK and Free and Open Source Software for camera calibration, image acquisition and panorama stitching.* Eyesis4Pi-393 can be mounted on a car for outdoor panoramic applications or carried by a person, which lets successfully create panoramas of small and narrow spaces.*Automated panoramic imagery and 3-dimensional panoramas are the 2 main applications of Eyesise4Pi-393 camera.

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