CountClock 2

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CountClock 2

Basic Data

Category: Computer, electronics

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License: Unlicense

Technical documentation

CAD files are editable: Yes

Assembly instructions are published: Yes

Bill of materials is published: Yes


no no

Project management

Open-o-meter: 5



Designed for kids (but suitable for all)

The CountClock is designed to assist young children in learning to tell the time: the confusing concepts of an analogue clock (the double scales and double hands, the numerals (or their absence), the half hours and quarters) are all decomposed and offered as separate learning steps, tuned to young children. Multi-coloured lights indicate time on separate hour and minute scales. For the youngest chlidren for example this results in only presenting the full hours. Just by counting the lights they can read off the hour: knowing the numerals is not needed. In every learning step additional concepts of analogue time can be added, like half hours or quarters. For the older children all minutes including the seconds can be highlighted; in this highest learning level the looks of the CountClock closely approximate a conventional analogue clock. No kids around? Don't worry, the CountClock perfectly serves as a design clock, suitable for anybody who'd like to know the time.

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