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Project status: Inactive

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Maturity of the project: production / kit

Assembly instructions are published: Yes

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Open-o-meter: 5

Product category: Business & Industrial

Contains original non-electronic hardware: No

Contains original electronic hardware: No

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A do it yourself Book Scanner is a simple thing. In essence, it is a rig which carefully and repeatably positions three elements - lighting, cameras and a book. The upper part of the rig holds the lights, cameras and glass in the right relationship to each other. Below that, there's a cradle where the operator places a book, and the mechanical part of the frame allows the operator to lift the book up to the glass. The glass serves to flatten the pages of the book, and the operator triggers both cameras to take a picture of each flattened page. Because two pages are captured at once, the process is very fast - about 1,000 pages per hour for a skilled operator.It's important to care about the scanner operator as much as you care about books. That's why this frame is designed the way it is - with a counterweighted, removable cradle and a design that can be operated while standing or while seated (with optional treadle attachment). Many of the design decisions in this scanner came from Daniel's personal discussions with scanner operators from around the world who were injured by their scanners or annoyed with the way their machines worked.

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