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OHO Search Engine

Many good Open Hardware and Do it Yourself projects are available on small and unknown websites and are difficult to find. At present, there is no website where short descriptions and links to these projects are summarized in a simple and conveniently structured way. We want to close this gap with the OHO Search Engine. It is aimed to give all persons, companies, and organizations interested in Open Hardware a complete overview of existing solutions. The OHO Search Engine covers Open Hardware (OH) and Do it Yourself (DIY) projects throughout the web. Developers can also directly upload their projects to OHO. Important subject areas covered in OHO are:

  • Computers, electronics
  • Renewable energies
  • Health
  • Trade, Industry
  • Agriculture, forestry
  • Mobility, logistics
  • Environmental technology

The search results are automatically entered into these categories and displayed with thumbnails and short descriptions. Projects that are manually uploaded by their developers often have additional information such as construction plans, parts lists, assembly instructions, etc.
In the current beta version, the Search Engine is available in three languages: English, German and Spanish. Further language versions are in preparation.

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