Processes involved in Project Development

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During the conception, development and improvement of projects, it is necessary to have a clear procedural framework that is complete enough to address all issues that may arise at a technical level, always maintaining consistency and the maximum possible simplicity in the result.

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1. Feasibility study

Manufacturing as OSAT technology is possible?

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2. Market analisis and requirements

Functional and quantitative requirements

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3. Search and analisis DIY technologies

Find the best technical solutions for all parts and components

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4. Development and documentation

Plans and specifications of all parts and components

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5. Manufacturing, tests, improvements

  • Module tests
  • System tests
  • (and improved) prototype
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6. Certification DIN Spec 3105

Peer-review based certification according to DIN Spec 3105

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7. Promotion, formation

Creation and publishing of:

  • PDF
  • Videos
  • Training materials
  • etc.
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