Instructions for CAB Team

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The CAB-team has access to the contact details of the Reviewers and the Applicant, and can always intervene in the resolution of non-conformities and obtain direct information for the issuing of the Certification document.

Validation of Applicant and Reviewers information

Some of the activities of the CAB-team, include:

Issuance of the Certification Document

Once the Applicant has entered all Technical documentation, at least twice, the CAB-team can issue a certification validating compliance with DIN Spec 3105. This completes the review process, which may be opened if:

  • Any person complains to the CAB-team about:
    • The publication of the documentation is no longer accessible in whole or in part.
    • The license terms have been modified and no longer comply with the requirements of DIN Spec 3105.
    • Any relevant information has been altered or removed from the Certification platform.
  • Taking into account the importance of the submitted complaints, the CAB-team can cancel the ongoing certification and reopen the Certification processes a new revision of the Technical documentation.
  • The Applicant can upload again documentation that has already been certified and approved, in this case, it does not need to be reviewed again.
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