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Ventilaid breathing device Mk III

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Ventilaid breathing device Mk III

Basic Data

Category: Respirators

URL (first publication):

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Organization: VentilAid

Project status: Active

Technical documentation

Contains PDF-drawings: Yes

CAD files are editable: No

Assembly instructions are published: Yes


no no

Va vbdm ventilaid-breathing-device-mk III 0001.jpg


A decrease in lung function is noticeable in patients with Covid-19, which results in insufficient oxygen being supplied to the rest of the body. This situation is very dangerous for the patient’s health. In response to the threat and the growing demand for a breathing support device, we have created VentilAid MKIII.

OSH project

Technical documentation

STL files

Va vbdm ventilaid-breathing-device-mk III 0004.JPG

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