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Tractor tool bar

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Category: Other agricultural equipment

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Keywords: cultivation, crop, linkage system, farm, tractor, tool, bar, implements, steel

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Organization: L'Atelier Paysan

Project status: Active

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Maturity of the project: prototype

Contains PDF-drawings: Yes

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With this versatile and easy to use tool-bar, you can acquire a range of essential tools at a low cost. Many tools can be fitted on, from comb weeders, vegetable and plastic mulch lifters, hoeing and ridging tools or forklift arms.

The tool-bar designed by Atelier Paysan is based on an old tractor implement no longer used by modern day agricultural manufacturers. Its design is simple: two U shaped steel sheets (or two UPN channels) welded back to back and drilled through at regular intervals (with a centre distance of 45 mm) along the length of the base. U shaped metal clips (with two holes drilled at 90 mm centre distance) are welded onto the cultivation tools. The tools are then fixed by aligning the holes of the clips with those of the bar and attached together with pins.

The entirety of this article, including descriptions, photos and technical drawings, are available for all to use under a Creative Commons licence. They can be distributed and modified as long as the user mentions their origins (Atelier Paysan) and ensures that all related tools and documents are also under Creative Commons. CC BY-NC-SA

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