Photovoltaic Panel reusable

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Photovoltaic Panel reusable

Basic Data

Category: Solar panels

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Keywords: energy, panel, solar, cell, photovoltaic, reusable, circular, contacts, corrosion

License: CERN Open Hardware License

Organization: DelftOpenHardware

Project status: Active

Technical documentation

Maturity of the project: prototype

Contains PDF-drawings: No

Assembly instructions are published: Yes

Bill of materials is published: No


yes yes

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Crystalline silicon solar panel that can be built, maintained and refurbished locally, leading to a lower levelized cost of electricity and higher sustainability over the lifetime of the module.

This design is modular, making it easy to repair if one of the cells fails, and it will be easy to extract components and refurbish or reuse them at the end-of-life. Furthermore, this design can be made with only the basic materials and components, a CNC mill and a soldering iron.

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