JPL Open Source Rover

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JPL Open Source Rover

Basic Data

Category: Robotics

URL (first publication):

License: Apache License

Organization: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Project status: Active

Technical documentation

Maturity of the project: prototype

Contains PDF-drawings: Yes

CAD files are editable: Yes


no no

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OSH project

The JPL Open Source Rover is an open source, build it yourself, scaled down version of the 6 wheel rover design that JPL uses to explore the surface of Mars. The Open Source Rover is designed almost entirely out of consumer off the shelf (COTS) parts. This project is intended to be a teaching and learning experience for those who want to get involved in mechanical engineering, software, electronics, or robotics.

OSH project

Technical documentation

PDF Blueprints

Open source sover 04.png

STEP files

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