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  • curprev 01:37, 28 March 2022Inddigital talk contribs 995 bytes +995 Created page with "{{Projekt |Images={{ProjektImages |projectimage=Spgp img1.jpg }}{{ProjektImages |projectimage=Spgp img3.jpg }}{{ProjektImages |projectimage=Spgp img5.jpg }}{{ProjektImages |projectimage=Spgp img4.jpg }} |subcat=Infusion equipment |projectname=Syringe pump with G-code programming |projectnameES=Bomba de jeringa con progrmación por código G |projectnameDE=Spritzenpumpe mit G-Code-Programmierung |kewords=syringe pump, open source, g-code, 3d print, raspberry pi, health |f..."
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