Solar-OSE 2

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Solar-OSE 2

Basic Data

Category: Solar concentrators

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Keywords: Solar concentrator

Project status: Active

Technical documentation

Maturity of the project: production / DIY

CAD files are editable: Yes

Assembly instructions are published: Yes

Bill of materials is published: Yes


yes yes

Project management

Open-o-meter: 6

Product category: Hardware

Contains original non-electronic hardware: No

Contains original electronic hardware: No

Contains original software: No



Current levels of energy consumption are generally unsustainable. The use of solar energy favors a better distribution of the territorial economic activity. Meanwhile, many actual models are either designed for the industry, either for cooking in the South countries. Open Source Ecologie France researches and develops a solar concentrator made for an intermediary market, in order to make possible for little producers, artisans and micro-industries the use of solar energy. The prototype is designed for artisanal common uses :  collective cooking, local food production, extraction of essential oils, jam cooking, jar sterilization, water purification, wood treatment, alimentation steam, other process using the vapor under 250°C. Vapor at lower temperatures can be produced in the prototype, the possible applications are heating the current water, product drying...We propose a module capable of producing maximum 1 kW. The entire system will combine a specific number of modules in order to produce between 5 and 50 kW. The system must be equipped with the right components and automation, it has to fit the professional activities of the users; for example, it can be the main or the complimentary power energy. Its price has to be low enough in order to be easily adopted and shared.

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