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Founding partners

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OHO was founded as a collaboration between the two partners:

Open Source Ecology Germany e.V. (OSEG)

Open Source Ecology Germany e.V. is a non-profit association registered under German law. The association acts as a coordination office of an independent German community of open source hardware developers. OSEG is part of Open Source Ecology, which is a worldwide movement aiming at building a modern sustainable society with open technologies and methods. Building a (local) open source economy and creating open source networks is part of a holistic approach. Open Source Ecology sees material cycles and open development as the keys to a truly sustainable and responsible future. Find more information here.


Research project OPEN!

As part of the interdisciplinary French-German research project OPEN! Methods and tools for community-based product development, The Chair of Industrial Information Technology (see here) and The Chair of Quality Science (see here) at the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management (IWF) at the Technische Universität Berlin brought in their experience and competences on open design to realise the OHO project directory. The research project started in March 2016 and aims at: characterizing current practices of open source product development; and developing concrete guidance in the form of methods and IT-tools to increase the design process efficiency of open source product development projects. It is jointly funded for a period of three and a half years by the French and German national science agencies ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, grant ANR-15-CE26-0012) and DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, grants JO 827/8-1 and STA 1112/13-1). Find more information here.

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