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Once the Parts list has been approved by OHO, the developer proceeds to elaborate the CAD model package of the Project, this consists of developing the three-dimensional geometry of each part and defining the links between them to make up each assembly. This is done in the established CAD programs, among which are mentioned: Inventor, SolidWorks, Freecad, AutoCAD, and others


The CAD files must comply with the following guidelines:

Example for assembly structure
  • The package structure and file names must match the structure of the previously approved Parts list.
  • The set of CAD files must be delivered in a zipped folder.
    • The name of the compressed folder is defined, as in the Parts list, as follows:
      • Organisation abbreviation, e.g. oseg for Open Source Ecology.
      • Underscore separator '_'
      • Project abbreviation, e.g. sp for Screw Press
      • Underscore separator '_'
      • Project name without spaces, example screw-press
    • Complete example for the name: oseg_sp_screw-press.
  • CAD files can be in the same root folder or organized according to their parts and assembly structure, containing the following hierarchy:
  • A general assembly file [.iam]
  • A general explosion or main subassembly separation file [.ipn]
    • A sub-assembly1 (SE1) file [.iam]
    • An SE1 explosion file [.ipn] (if applicable)
      • A part1 file from SE1 [.ipt]
      • A part2 file from SE1 [.ipt]
      • ...
    • A sub-assembly2 (SE2) file [.iam]
    • An SE2 explosion file [.ipn] (if applicable)
      • A part1 file of SE2 [.ipt]
      • A part2 file of SE2 [.ipt]
      • ...
    • ...
  • The extensions indicated are for Inventor, but the same hierarchy applies to other CAD systems.
  • In the case of Inventor, the Pack and Go tool can be used to generate the zipped folder with all its dependencies automatically.
  • A zipped folder containing the CAD interchange files [.step/.stp] (one interchange file for each assembly or sub-assembly above [.iam]) must be generated.
  • In case of changes in the structure or content of the files, OHO must be notified to update the Parts list and the CAD package by adding a two-level version suffix to the file name as in this example: oseg_sp_screw-press_1-01.
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