ArduCopter 2

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ArduCopter 2

Basic Data

Category: Quadrocopter, Quadcopter

URL (first publication):

Keywords: Quadrocopter, Quadcopter

License: GNU GPL 3.0

Project status: Active

Technical documentation

Maturity of the project: production / DIY

CAD files are editable: Yes

Assembly instructions are published: Yes

Bill of materials is published: Yes


yes yes

Project management

Open-o-meter: 8

Product category: Toys & Games



Copter is capable of the full range of flight requirements from fast paced FPV racing to smooth aerial photography, and fully autonomous complex missions which can be programmed through a number of compatible software ground stations. The entire package is designed to be safe, feature rich, open-ended for custom applications, and is increasingly easy to use even for the novice.

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